Christmas gift ideas

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Christmas Wishlist 15

Hello guys,

Here is my Christmas Wishlist inspiration for you because I already own some stuff that I think could make a great Christmas gift and I added some that I wish to receive also.

This christmas, I would love to get Lush products like bath bombs and face masks. I also added the lip scrub that I own and that tastes so good ! Don't forget to look at the Holidays boxes that they offer !

For make-up, I think any girl would love to get an Urban Decay eye palette and a Mac lipstick.

Marble print is very trendy for the moment, I found myself an iPhone case on Aliexpress for almost nothing !

I have this Japanese body cream from The Body Shop and it is really great for moisturizing your skin, plus it smells very nice and isn't sticky. Always check out the holidays sets that they make.

I got my Calvin Klein bra for my birthday and I love it, the fabric is so soft that I'm sure every girl will enjoy it.

A perfume is always a good gift idea. I got the Si from Gorgio Armani for my birthday and the next one on my list is this one from Nuxe.

Finally, I recently discovered glasses to protect your eyes from screens. I'm sure we all know a geek and an addict so this can always come handy and it only costs 40€. I'm not sure it really works, because I've never heard such a thing but I might get it for my christmas so I will let you know ..

Lush bath bomb  - Lush lip scrub  - Lush face mask  - Mac lipstick  - Calvin Klein bra  - Urban Decay Naked palette  - See concept glasses  - Marble iPhone case  - Nuxe perfume 

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