February Favorites

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This month I'm keeping it short with only a few products.
Tupperware water bottle
It's the best for the environnement and it's very affordable and you can find it in various colors ! 

For my hands, I've been using 2 things:
H&M faux leather gloves that you can see above. They're perfect. They look fancy but they didn't need any real animal skin, a huge bonus for me !!!!!

And also, I've been treating my lovely hands with some Rich Hand Cream from L'Occitane. I've choosen the special dry hands but it absorbs quickly, so I use it during the day time. And on night time I use another l'Occitane hand cream which is even more mustorizing for my babies during this winter time !

Mac Jubilee-Lustre lipstick
I love this kind of nude lipstick. It's mosturizing and it stains !!!!! That's a big bonus for me ! I hate looking like the barbie girl (hello blond hair) retouching her make-up at school but with this it's very easy. And thanks to the easy color you can apply it without a mirror. I wear it with my Subculture nude lipliner.

The body Shop Body Butter-
I love this to deaply mosturize my winter dry skin. It's a pleasure after the shower and I got it for only 5,10€ during the sales ! Always go check out The Body Shop during the sales for great deals !!! 
That's it I hope I've shown you some interesting things.
Have a nice evening !

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